Holiday Acres Tree Farm

The original plan for Christmas Tree plantings was done prior to getting soil samples and determining what was actually available for sale. Being new the the Christmas tree farming scene, we didn't realize how quickly the saplings sold out each year. We bought the property in the fall and we did as much internet research as time could afford. We reached out a few other local tree farms to see if we could get a tour and maybe some advice on starting our farm. Casually we mentioned to one of the guys that we were planning to order 800/1000 trees in the spring for our first planting and he looked like he wanted to say something. He eventually said that if we wanted trees in the spring, we usually need to place that order the previous spring! Meaning that likely everything will be sold out. He was right, of the 10 places we called, 7 were completely sold out of stock. Luckily we were able to secure some trees for the first year and did not have to sacrifice a whole lot other than going to multiple places to pickup.

We walked Westman Tree Farm in Dexter MI with owner operator Bill Westman in October of 2020. Bill was extremely knowledgeable and really enjoyed talking trees with us. He was able to provide us with a lot of great and useful tips that were instrumental in getting us up and running.

We also were fortunate to start communication with Middle Road Tree farm and had a very lengthy and useful conversation with Mr. G. He started his tree farm from scratch in 1979 and has been running a successful U-Cut and Pre-Cut Christmas Tree farm ever since. Due to Middle Tree's close proximity to our farm, I wasn't sure what his willingness would be to be helpful but he was terrific. Sharing as much information as I asked and more.

We cut our 2020 Christmas Tree from Middle Road Tree farm. A 7.5' blue spruce that was planted according to Mr.G about 15 years prior.

A lot of trees came and went through that farm and this one had been left standing to see it all.