We started planning out how we could plant the property immediately upon purchasing. There were several great resources available and we reached out to all of them in some capacity. We started laying on the property to maximize the amount of trees we could plant semi evenly distributed over 7/8 years of rotations. Because its only a little over 10 acres we really wanted to make sure we maximize the footprint. The house is our primary focus but we want to make sure we don't just walk out and start planting trees without a real plan. The first hurdle was discovered in September, we didn't know what we didn't know and we discovered that we were going to have a difficult time finding trees to plan in the spring if we didn't get on the phone and start ordering. We reached out to several nurseries that are in our state, and even a few in neighboring states to try to acquire some trees to plant in the spring of 21. Well it took a few days but we secured our first 300 trees from Bosch's Country View nursery near Grand Rapids. In our original layout we had planned on planting about 800 trees, we we kept on the phone until we were able to secure another 620 trees from Norther Pines Nursery in Lake City, MI.

In the video below we briefly go over the evolution of how we came to our decision on where the first year of trees were going to go and how we laid that out.

Of course we ordered trees as soon as we heard we needed to, but we were a bit ahead of ourselves. We hadn't tested our soil conditions yet and really didn't know what type of trees would be the best to plant on our farm. We quickly grabbed a few samples and sent them off to Michigan State for our analysis, and in a few weeks we got the results. Our PH for the area was higher than we had hoped for. Our trees (Fraser,Balsam,Concolor), and Canaan firs all prefer a less acidic soil and we would need to do something to start to bring down the PH over time.