Our Story

Building our Forever Home

Building a home has been something we have wanted to do since the purchase of our very first house 12 years ago. As much as we would have loved to build each of the homes we have lived in, we were not in the position to do so at the time. We scratched the itch to create our own home by buying houses that needed a moderate to extreme amount of love, and poured our hearts into them. With the sale of each home our sweat equity (along with a little help from the economy) was rewarded. Finally after selling our 3rd home we were ready.

We started designing in September of 2020 and broke ground at the end of February of 2021. We are anticipating this build will take us well into Fall but have hopes that we can move in by November 2021. This home will be our biggest DIY to date (and possibly forever) as we are taking this project on ourselves as owner-builders.

Images from another Tree Farm Visited in October 2020

Starting a Christmas Tree Farm

We bought this property not only to build our forever home on, but also to start a U-Cut tree farm from the ground up. In the Spring of 2021 we will be planting our first 1000 Christmas trees and we'll eventually have nearly 10,000 trees spread across the 10+ acres.

We have a combined 0 years of farming experience but have done extensive research and are ready for the challenge.