02 - Amending The Soil

In September shortly after acquiring the property we collected soil samples for several random spots on the property. In the area we are planting this first season the soil sample came back with some recommendations to amend the soil for optimum growth.

The MSU extension office has been tremendous with responding to questions about the soil and the planting process. We reached out the day we were planting with a final question which was answered the same day in tremendous detail.

In this video below we are amending the soil by adding 50lbs of elemental sulfur broadcast over the planting area. Originally it was recommended that we broadcast the whole area, and we briefly considered just treating the rows we planned to plant, however ultimately because it was so little volume and such a small area to treat we elected to treat the entire area. After broadcasting the sulfur, we rented a rototiller from the local hardware store and tilled 42 rows 126ft long.